10 Reasons Why Winter in Chicago is Actually Amazing

Chicago Blizzard

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Let’s all take a moment to mentally prepare for the imminent struggle that is life in another Chicago winter, shall we? It’ll be cold, yes. The streets will be icy and the snow will be dirty and slushy, sure. Those favorite black suede boots? Banished to storage until the sidewalks are dry. No more early morning jogs. Goodbye sunshine. For the next four months, forget what Chicago was (during the summer) and accept what it is now (Siberia, Illinois, USA).

The bright side? Some pleasures are reserved just for these cold and icy months. Cuddles and kisses, blankets and Netflix, and don’t get me started on the soup!

Here are 10 reasons why winter in Chicago is actually amazing.

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by Kari Herrera | Chicagoings at Mode

10. Any area of space, circular, and more than 10 feet wide, instantly becomes a free ice skating rink.

ice skating in millennium park
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9. Zoolights!

Zoolights in Chicago
8. You remember that Hot Chocolate actually sells amazing hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Chicago
via: chicago.seriouseats.com

7. ‘Cause Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and U2 at Soldier Field combined ain’t got nothing on a blanket and Netflix.

Winter in Chicago
6. Feelings of guilt for not bike commuting? Nawl.

winter in chicago
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5. The. Coats. (Click photo for larger image.)

4. Leather.

Winter in Chicago
Diana Bjarnadottir

3. Wine by the fireplace.

Winter in Chicago
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2. Soup!

Winter in Chicago
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1. Hugs (and kisses) under snowfall.

Hugs under snowfall

What are some reasons why you love wintertime in Chicago? (comment below…)