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{Exclusive Interview} Fill-in-the-Blanks with Anna Hovet

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Anna Hovet

Comfort isn’t a particularly glamorous word to most people. Anna Hovet, however, isn’t most people. The young, beautiful, successful Chicago designer is all about comfort and style. Her self-titled clothing line can be seen on the likes of Jennifer Hudson and in the pages of fashion magazines. Dubbed “Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Designer”, Anna Hovet is definitely one label I wouldn’t mind wearing every single day. Here she graciously takes a break from her busy schedule to play a game of fill-in-the-blanks with Chicagoings.com.

Hi my name is Anna Hovet. My friends call me Hove, Hova, A. Hoves. Anna Hovet is your girlfriend’s favorite designer because Anna Hovet helps women feel comfortable, confident, and inspired through soft fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and an inspirational business model. If I had three words to describe who I am they’d be ambitious, academic, and adventurous. If I wasn’t in fashion, I’d be an engineer. I love Chicago because it’s an amazing city full of countless adventures and it has been extremely supportive of me.

Anna Hovet

My favorite neighborhood is Wicker Park. Pequod’s has the best pizza. The top of the John Hancock has the best view. If I could style anyone in the world it’d be Rihanna because she is amazingly sexy and has an edgy vibe. My advice to Chicagoings.com readers is realize your strengths, make goals, make a plan, and keep working towards them until you achieve them – everyone else will give up.

Anna Hovet

anna2 Anna Hovet

Find Anna Hovet online at http://www.annahovet.com/ and at select stores.

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