{Beauty Call} 4 Makeup Tips from the Founder of Beauty by Alana, LLC

Beauty by Alana, LLC
Alana, Founder of Beauty by Alana, LLC

Lawyers and doctors make extremely convenient friends and family members. But if you’re selecting friends based on how useful their skills are to your life, first, you’re probably a jerk with very few friends. Second, why is a phenomenal Makeup Artist not at the top of your list? Where are your priorities?

Consider for a moment: how frequently do you visit your doctor? How often do you need a lawyer? For the average person, not very often. A great makeup artist, however? Well, you need one of those almost every day of your life.

Alana and I have been friends for a long time. Tips and beauty tricks learned from her have gotten me out of some tough situations (I may not be the most punctual person). Her company Beauty by Alana, LLC specializes in professional makeup application for the girl-on-the-go. From weddings to date nights, she’s got you covered and will come to where you are wherever that may be.

Alana creates a day ready face in just five minutes for our Beauty Call video series, airing tomorrow.

Today, she gives a few insider shortcuts that will save us from chasing trains Monday morning.

If I’ve woken up late and only have five minutes to get ready, how can I prepare my face for work?

Figure out which of your features you like the most and highlight it! Go neutral with everything else.

Great skin requires less makeup. How can we get the most out of our skin?

Remove your makeup every night – never sleep with it on your face! Exfoliate regularly, and use an eye cream. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a really great eye cream for all skin types. You can even use it under your concealer during the day to avoid creasing.

Most women only have 2-3 makeup brushes. What one brush does every girl need in her collection?

A powder + foundation brush because it can be used for your foundation and blush. However, if you like liquid foundation, invest in a nice foundation brush and use cream blush that can be applied with your finger.

Is it true that if I have oily skin I should use a powder foundation and with dry skin liquid foundation is best?

Not necessarily. I have oily skin but in the winter I prefer a liquid. Matte skin is not “in” at the moment. The best look is dewy and youthful.

Check here tomorrow for “The 5 Minute Face”, a 3 minute video tutorial by Alana featured on ChicagoingsTV!