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{Beauty Call} Big Girl Cosmetics Founder Talks Gifts from Oprah and Beauty Principles

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Big Girl Cosmetics

Founder of Big Girl Cosmetics Kiley Russell is a smart woman. The Chicago beauty was in Oprah’s audience the day everyone in attendance received a free car. Instead of keeping her prize she sold the Pontiac and formed her own line of cosmetics and skincare products. Today, Pontiac’s long gone but Big Girl Cosmetics is currently available at select Macy’s stores and online. The brand continues to grow in popularity and expand in collections.

Here, Kiley Russell shares with Kari a few beauty principles to live by.

Tell us a little about your motivation to take a free car from Oprah and create your own brand, Big Girl Cosmetics. I was really inspired by Oprah. During the taping, she said, “We are doing more than just giving away cars. We are improving the way people live their lives.” A few weeks before the show, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was trying to figure out what my next step would be, if I was to stay on my current career path (stressful, long hours) or try something a little different. After the show, I came home and told my husband I was selling the car and using the proceeds to start a cosmetics company.

“A few weeks before the show, I was diagnosed with Lupus.”

Which beauty products can’t you live without? My cleanser, moisturizer, and foundation stick. I always say the perfect face starts with the perfect base. Where on earth would I be without smooth glowing skin?

Any tips for pulling off the popular purple lip? The purple lip can be as fierce as a red lip but I think it’s important to make sure the rest of your face stays neutral to compliment the bold lip color.

“Where on earth would I be without smooth glowing skin?”

What one beauty product does every woman need in her arsenal? A solid foundation! Foundation not only evens skin tone and provides a flawless finish to the skin but it also protects the skin from harsh elements in the environment.

Where can we find Big Girl Cosmetics? Big Girl Cosmetics can be found online at www.biggirlcosmetics.com and also select Macy’s stores. Look for our flagship store to reopen soon in Hyde Park as well.

Big Girl Cosmetics www.BigGirlCosmetics.com, select Macy’s stores, and Macy’s online.

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