More than Mimosas: 8 Brunch Cocktails Anyone Can Master

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With many of you relaxing away from work this time of year, slipping in and out of brunch induced food comas, I thought the following was appropriate. Perhaps you’ve been ordering the same mimosa since your very first brunch. Diversify your palate this weekend with a few cocktails that go far beyond basic. Make them at home or throw their names at the bartender.

Check out More than Mimosas: 8 Brunch Cocktails Anyone Can Master

by Kari Herrera | Chicagoings at Mode

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brunch cocktails

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If it ain’t broke…When hosting a group, the Bloody Mary Bar is still the way to go. Search Pinterest for creative ways to layout meats and veggies in the most eye catching manner.

Get the recipe here.

brunch cocktails

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Bloody Mary’s lighter, more refreshing cousin is made with fresh squeezed Sun Gold tomatoes which completely transform the standard to super stimulating.

Get the recipe here.

brunch cocktails

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Another great host hack is to create a punch that easily stretches out both spirits and mixers. Hint: Leave ice on the side for guests to add at will, so as to not water down the mix.

Get the recipe here.


How beautiful are these beverages? They’re like the sum of island living juiced down into a glass.

Get the recipe here.

Read my complete article now on MODE.

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