{Chicago Street Style} Transitional Knits in the Loop

Chicago Fall Street Style

Chicago Fall Street Style

O, sure. Every year winter hits harder than an undefeated boxer but that doesn’t mean you ever become acclimated to its abrupt arrivals. Now, it’s close enough to smell and summer feels like a dream I had once a long time ago of which I only remember the end. I think it involved ice cream. Alas, Friday afternoon I wore a wool camel coat, chunky knit scarf, and … black sandals. Clearly, I’m not ready. My fall/winter clothes are still in storage, or at the cleaners, the temperature read 70 degrees and sunny only last week, and I’m optimistic that this week of cool, windy, nonsense is just a phase in the life of an adolescent season. Fall’s going through the change – and I’m not sure it’s serious.

One person that’s ready, though, is Kennedy. I caught him in the loop and I’m completely in love with his chunky knit scarf, herringbone peacoat, and aviator shades.

The winter party’s never tardy. Might as well dress like you were invited.