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Chicago Street Style: It’s Here, It’s Cold, Get Used to It

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Chicago Street Style : Fall

How are you dealing with Fall’s arrival? Excited anticipation or sharp disdain? My autumn essentials are still in storage and yesterday was a rude wake up call that frilly dresses have passed their expiration date. How did Pocahontas do it?

Not all are as unprepared, however. Some folks live for this season, for the love of layers and texture. I spotted a girl standing alone near the West Loop’s Morgan station, hands folded with a sort of unaware elegance. I’m not a huge fan of LV, mostly because the knock-off market enabled a culture drunk on the brand’s monogram and staple bags. But the way she carries her purse is the way it seems the bag was meant to be held, as an after-thought to an effortlessly feminine, casual ensemble. (Click photos for larger image view.)

Her shoes are the real reason I took this picture. I’m in the middle of a fixation on flats and these cheetahs are the perfect balance between insouciant and chic.


Chicago Street Style

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