what to wear this winter

“Why are winter clothes so ugly? … Don’t agree? Okay. Picture in your mind a girl living in California. Now, picture some woman living in Barrow, Alaska. Ask yourself which one’s prettier? Mmmhm. Do you even know anyone that lives in Barrow, Alaska? Still, your imaginary Alaskan is less attractive than anyone living anywhere in California, right? I know. That’s because Alaska McGee is wearing long-johns, Uggs, and enough insulation to fill a king size comforter while Ms. California, well, isn’t. Winter clothes are ugly.” – from What to Wear to Afternoon Tea: The Winter Edition

Truth is, winter clothing isn’t all bad but it is more difficult to style than summer’s easy breezy staples. We’re trading in our sandals for snow boots, cotton dresses for heavy corduroys, and airy cardigans for suffocating puffers. Wrapping up human burrito style is a process. It takes longer to get dressed in the cold and we’re more likely to choose function over fashion for the commute.

Consider, too, the cost. Furs, wool, and high-quality fabrics require mo’ dough than your average cotton, frilly, spring thingy. Perhaps your money stretches farther than Armstrong and if that’s the case, write to me. We should totally be best friends. If, on the other hand, your budget is more restricted than an asthmatic runner’s lung capacity I feel your pain. Help is here. Enter Erika.

“Link to Vimeo version: http://vimeo.com/chicagoingstv/thedressingroom-s1e1

what to wear this winterErika Degraffinreaidt

Erika is the brains and beauty behind local styling firm French Vendette. Her work has received international acclaim and publication. For our first episode of The Dressing Room, Erika kindly directs us toward the only 5 pieces essential to our winter wardrobe. No, socks and undies aren’t on her list. You’re being too literal.

Wait, what’s “The Dressing Room”?!

The Dressing Room

Glad you asked! The Dressing Room is Chicagoings’ new web series featuring our city’s top stylists and easy to apply fashion tips. Yes, it’s new. So, you know. Get excited and stuff.

Each episode will delve deeply into the complex psyche of a personal stylist. In less than 5 minutes, we’ll be learning how to wear what we already own and which items are worth snatching off the racks.

Let us know what you think of the new show with a comment below or by shooting an email to info@chicagoings.com.


Link to Vimeo version: http://vimeo.com/chicagoingstv/thedressingroom-s1e1

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