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Reduce Your Dosage: Dose Market Returns this Sunday. New Wicker Park Location!

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Dose Market

Word on the street is that the downsizing trend is losing steam in 2013. Yea, Americans are still drowning in debt but we’re all like, “psh. Whatever. Bigger is better.” Homes are getting bigger, cars are being assigned to each and every family member, and we’re blithely running full speed toward our miserably penniless futures.  Well, not everyone is looking at simplification so disdainfully. I was surprised to hear that my favorite indoor monthly market was moving from its posh location at the River East Art Center after two successful years to an intimate venue in Wicker Park. WHAT?! Who do they think they are to be so brilliant?

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Utilizing the smaller space, Dose promises consumers a more cerebral shopping event. Find a brand you love, learn why they do what they do, make friends, and buy stuff. Wiz your wallet with the brain it’s always hoped for, be brave and make a friend, have a heart and support local indie designers and entrepreneurs. Bonus: Nearby indies will benefit from the market’s move to Wicker Park and the new business they’ll attract from the hipsters and trend hunters who follow Dose.

The Best Part

For the next 12 weeks, Dose will be happening, not once a month, but EVERY SUNDAY! Each week has a unique theme. Each ticket is now only $5. Along with our reoccurring favorites, 10 new ‘Dosers’ will debut in the weeks to come.

Be there or be square this Sunday. Check below for the address and further details. If you see me, say hi! Let’s shop together.


Dose Market


Dose Market

Dose Market

Dose Market

Dose Market

This post has not been sponsored by Dose Market or any vendor associated with the brand. All comments made belong independently to the author. Photos: Dose Market on Flickr

For more information about Dose, the Dosers or the Dose stories, contact Dose directly.


What: Dose, a weekly market for smart shoppers (
When: Every Sunday, September 29 – December 15 2013, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where: 1st Ward at Chop Shop, 2033 W North Ave. (
Transportation: Nearest El stop at Damen Blue Line. Valet and street parking.
Ticketing: $5 entry or $45 Season Pass at the door or via


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