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{Exclusive Interview} Fill-in-the-Blanks with Erika M.D. of French Vendette

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French Vendette

Styled by French Vendette (Image: French Vendette Tumblr)

Style is a funny thing. We each have our own sense of it but only a few actually know what it is. Of these few there are the select who actually define it and among these few are the stylists.

Erika M. Degraffinreaidt is the founder and CEO of French Vendette, a Chicago based fashion styling, creative directing, and wardrobe styling company. Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia and Jet Magazine, to name a few. Here we play a game of fill-in-the-blank with the amazing stylist as a close to our week long fashion feature.

Erika M. Degraffinreaidt

Erika M. Degraffinreaidt

Hi! My name is Erika Degraffinreaidt. My friends call me “E” but mostly just Erika! LOL! My company, French Vendette, is all about fashion styling that specializes in creative concept, high fashion editorial, and commercial styling within Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, and London. Our mission is to tell a story through the beauty of art; which we call fashion. Three words to describe who I am are driven, honest, and passionate. If I wasn’t in fashion, I’d be working at a marketing firm. Marketing is definitely my second passion. I love Chicago because the people here are driven to be the best within their field and [as individuals] … we are not afraid to take chances.

“I love Chicago because the people here are driven to be the best within their field and [as individuals] … we are not afraid to take chances.”

French Vendette

Style by French Vendette (Image: French Vendette Tumblr)

My favorite neighborhood is the Gold Coast because of the boutiques that line Oak Street. I also really enjoy Wicker Park. It’s a great area to thrift and its very artsy. Giordano’s has the best pizza! North Avenue Beach has the best view. From there you can see the whole city and it’s so beautiful at night! If I could style anyone in the world it’d be Rihanna. I love how many of her pieces are staples, and she is not afraid to take chances. She is definitely a trendsetter! My advice to readers of Chicagoings.com is remember whatever you do always live to love, live to inspire, live to drive towards not just a dream but your reality!

Check out Erika’s portfolio at www.FrenchVendette.com.

Kari Herrera is the creator of Chicagoings.com, Chicago’s indie city guide and blog. She often writes about the city’s points-of-interest as experienced by a local. She is a Social Media Marketing Manager and freelance writer. When she’s not working, Kari donates much of her time to the education of French-speaking immigrants in Chicago.

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