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{June Giveaway} Everyone wins with 25% off at Static Nails

{June Giveaway} Everyone wins with 25% off at Static Nails

Static Nails PromoLast weekend, yet another friend complemented me on my amazing manicure. I can’t take all of the any of the credit, though. I found Static Nails, a hot new Chicago nail company, at this year’s Makeup Show and promptly picked up two kits of what are essentially *ahem* press-on nails. She couldn’t believe it! Neither can I, to be honest. I’m going on week three and it’s really time to remove them before I form a dependency. Removal is super easy, by the way. I’m just being lazy.

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CEO of Static Nails, Alexis Irene, convinced me to try something a little different with this month’s giveaway. Instead of making it exclusive to our readers, June’s gift is available to all readers of Visit to receive 25% off of your order with promo code “Chicago”. Plus, the 15th customer will have their order doubled at no cost.

Try the Fresh Tips for less than $12!

Static Nails

Get the Bad Gal set for less than $30! This is the kit I’m currently wearing. A couple nails in the kit are completely covered in Swarovski crystals.

Static Nails

Score the Black Tie (the next one on my list to try) for $28! This kit also contains nails covered in Swarovskis.

Static Nails

Or, the Rain Confetti kit for $10.50!

Static Nails

As you experiment with the product, please let me know what you guys think either in the comments below, social media or email. Tell me if you like this type of promo from and if you’d like to see others like it.







  • Sonya K

    I like the Bad Girl nails the best, but they are all cute. They sound like an easy option for your nails. I’m about to sign-up for your newsletter. I love the look of your blog.

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