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GIVEAWAY! Win a $1,000 Cash

GIVEAWAY! Win a $1,000 Cash

Win $1000 in Cash GiveawayWin $1,000 in Cash

Remember that “How to Create the Perfect Spring Capsule Wardrobe” article from last month? Perhaps you need a little motivation before conquering the task of curating your wardrobe. I understand completely. Nothing makes me want to clean and organize my old stuff like a whole bunch of new stuff. That’s why I teamed up with a few superhuman Chicago bloggers and writers to give one winner $1,000 – a whole entire stack – in the form of cold hard cash. Who loves ya like we do?

I suggest you fill out the easy peezie raffle form below, win, and blow it all on shoes. Or, you know, pay bills and stuff. Whatever’s clever.
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