Travel the World for Only $25 with this Amazing Passport

Chicago's best coffee shops

Visiting the same café daily is like traveling to the same place every year. Sure, there’s an undeniable level of comfort in already knowing what to expect. You’ll see the same faces; laugh at the same old jokes. It may even start to feel like a home away from home. Aren’t you a little curious, though, to see what else the world offers?

My point: I just tried Chicago’s Indie Coffee Passport and am in love with it! Apparently, I’m late to the coffee passport party which is a bummer. Had I known, I could’ve been enjoying coffee drinks at over 20 cafes around the city since December of last year. Be assured I’ve made up for lost time!

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What’s an Indie Coffee Passport

It’s a business card sized passport to over 20 top cafes around Chicago. With this tiny card you earn one amazing drink of choice, from a special passport menu, at popular coffee houses like Wormhole, La Colombe, and more inconspicuous neighborhood favorites like Nite Cap. Your VIP access lasts for 7 months. The current passport, released December 2014, expires June 30th of this year.

Who is this perfect for?

Coffee Drinkers – Well, obviously. For the price of one week’s worth of coffee, you earn one drink at over 20 cafés around Chicago. If you make the time to travel for a cup, it’s definitely a win.

Writers and Freelancers – Because you never know when or where inspiration will hit you. Duck into any one of the cafes on your passport, grab a drink, tap into the Wi-Fi, and write it all down.

Gift Givers – With an array of drinks offered from regular black to specialty lattes, this is the perfect gift for anyone who even sort of likes coffee.

You’ve got every reason in the world to explore Chicago’s coffee scene: Make new acquaintances, laugh at new jokes, surprise your senses with flavors unexpected, and add a new stamp to your passport.

For more info, including a list of participating cafes, their menus, and to purchase a passport: Indie Coffee Passport

Instagram: IndieCoffeePassport

Have you tried the Indie Coffee Passport? What’s your favorite neighborhood café?

Big thanks to Indie Coffee Passport for providing Chicagoings.com with a passport.