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Kari’s Beauty Call: 1 Amazing New Luxury Skincare Product – Under $15!!

Kari’s Beauty Call: 1 Amazing New Luxury Skincare Product – Under $15!!

Seventh Generation Boosts

Remember when the thought of oil on our skin conjured nightmares of huge pores and embarrassing blemishes. For some reason we equated oil with clogged pores – and that misconception still lingers today.

Oil? On my skin?!

Seventh Generation

Before receiving a sample of Seventh Generation’s brand new skin boosting serum, I was already two years into an Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) regimen – a method of cleansing skin involving, you guessed it, a mixture of oils instead of old fashioned soap. The oil works to ‘pull’ impurities from the pores without drying the skin and leaves my complexion clear and kiss-ably soft. A different oil mix for different skin types renders OCM highly affective for everyone. My skin is naturally oily, by the way. I’ll be sure to write a post featuring my OCM combination of choice later this week.

Seventh Generation

So, it wasn’t difficult warming up to the idea of rubbing oil into my skin when I received a sample of the new Seventh Generation Boosts. Plus, I’m very familiar with indie brand Seventh Generation and their dedication to high quality, earth friendly, products.

Hailed as the latest breakthrough in beauty, Seventh Generation Boosts is a new line of natural, skin-boosting serums formulated with just the right mixture of botanical oils to deliver effective complexion improving results. “Who knew the right oil-based serum would end my lifelong battle with oily skin?” states a onetime skeptic on the company’s website.

Seventh Generation

What’s the bottom line? Seventh Generation Boosts are fast absorbing, non-greasy, and I have to say the application both smells and feels luxurious. I’m currently using their Soothing Formula, with Oat Extract, and I love how refreshed and youthful my skin looks. I apply it once at night and once in the morning under my moisturizer. It’s a great alternative to heavy night creams, which aren’t at all necessary for those with oily skin, and a nice upgrade to my daily SPF containing moisturizer.

Those ‘in the know’ have been hip to the beautifying effects of oil for some time and it’s great to see that the word is spreading. When I heard these skin boosting serums were being sold exclusively at Walgreens, I checked with the company just to be sure it wasn’t misinformation. Not only is Walgreens the only store carrying this product, but it’s currently on sale at their website for under $10!



I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.

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