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{Exclusive Interview} 1 Minute with Local Eclectic’s Alexis Nido-Russo

{Exclusive Interview} 1 Minute with Local Eclectic’s Alexis Nido-Russo

Local Eclectic is an online shopper’s indie dream. Think of it as a refined, more authentic and germane, Etsy. Here, independent clothing and accessory designers from all over the country share their unique creations with a world of waiting, fashion-forward, consumers. The girl behind the website is equally exceptional. Once an events specialist over at Gilt City, Chicago’s Alexis Nido-Russo has founded an e-commerce site that’s not only aesthetically filling but is also fun.

In addition to the site’s online store, each designer featured on is quizzed on things relating to their city. This makes the site a great city guide and day tripping tool too!

I got a chance to pull a switcheroo on Alexis and quiz her on things like heeled sneakers (such a polarizing topic!) and the best U.S. city for people watching.

Local Eclectic

What inspired you to form Local Eclectic? I wanted to create a platform for local designers to help them reach a larger audience. It started as a city and shopping guide and slowly morphed into what it is now. What would you say is the #1 contributor to your success? I’m still working toward success. I don’t think I’ve achieved it yet. 😉 Which is your favorite moment in fashion from 2013? The launching of of course! Which moment, in your opinion, was a major fashion faux pas in 2013? Sneakers with built in heels. I can’t get behind that.  Which US city is your personal favorite for people watching and fashion hunting? I love NYC for its diversity. There is such a spectrum of fashion in New York and I can’t get enough [of it]. Any major personal goals for 2014? Work hard, play hard! What can we expect from Local Eclectic in 2014? We’ll continue to introduce new and underrepresented local designers from across the country each week. We’re also working on some collaborations and style guides that will be coming out throughout the year. You’ll have to sign up for our email and check the site weekly so you don’t miss a beat!

My Top 6 Picks from Local Eclectic

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