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The Case for Wearing a Watch Again

The Case for Wearing a Watch Again

How to Wear a Watch

How to Wear a Watch

How to Wear a Watch

Moto 360 Review -

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Motorola via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, Kari Herrera, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Motorola.

If life’s a video game, then in my life Time is The Computer. No matter how hard I try, what new moves I’ve learned, shortcuts I’ve mastered, I can never beat it. It always wins. The closest I’ve come is a draw. I think it cheats, by the way. There are a million outside factors to which I could charge my lifelong battle with punctuality but one in particular has stood out this last year. Not owning a watch.

Like many of you, my week is full of deadlines, meetings, conference calls, and other commitments. Expecting to arrive on schedule to each appointment without ever glancing down at a watch is akin to never using Google Maps but still expecting to get anywhere in Chicago at 4:30 in the afternoon without hitting a traffic jam. It can’t be done and those who try deserve the stresses that fill their life.

When’s the last time you wore a watch? I don’t mean the watch with the dead battery you’ve been wearing for years. That thing’s essentially just a bracelet now. Specifically, when’s the last time you used a watch to tell the time? I had an epiphany this week: My constant battle with tardiness may be directly related to not owning a watch. If you need an excuse for anything, write me. I’ve got tons.

Since New Year’s resolutions are for those who plan to fail (and subsequently post said failures on Facebook in an ironic celebration of defeat), it seemed a good idea to promptly progress toward the path of punctuality by getting a watch posthaste. You know what they say, there’s no time like the present. (Groan.)

How to Wear a Watch

How to Wear a Watch

Bad puns aside, it was time to grow up and get a watch. Conveniently, Motorola just released the world’s most stylish, useful smartwatch. It’s the new Moto 360 and I’m wearing it now. I’m also typing very quickly because it’s saying I must leave in 5 minutes in order to make my evening appointment. Wait, what? Yup. It’s seriously a smart-watch.

The Moto 360 connects with my calendar and reminds me of upcoming appointments with a quick, silent vibration. I can also receive Twitter messages, choosing to reply or retweet directly from my wrist. It alerts me to incoming calls which I then ignore or answer with one swipe across the watch’s face. Comments from Instagram, weather forecasts, and so much more now show up right on my arm.

Learn more about Moto 360

The Moto 360 syncs with my Android phone, which at first seemed unnecessary since my phone is never out of reach, and by never out of reach I mean it is literally always in my hand. I know that’s true for most of you. One big caveat to this “my phone is a third arm” syndrome? Clumsiness. Frequently dropping said phone has caused me to suffer heart palpitations and fits of grief. For the sake of my health, I happily moved the phone to my bag after placing the watch on my wrist. Here are just a few things I’ve noticed since.

How to Wear a Watch

How to Wear a Watch

smartwatch style

7 Reasons to Wear a Moto 360

  • It looks really cool. The sleek design and quality leather band are a great style statement. I can wear it with anything. The watch’s face is fully customizable. With me, the face illuminates pretty pink blossoms. When my husband borrows it, he chooses a more guy friendly façade. Download Motorola Connect (free!) on your Android phone for a larger selection of additional watch faces.
  • If you listen to a lot of music from your desk, you know that fidgeting with your phone in between songs or while adjusting the volume can appear to those around you to be texting – which some equate with slacking off. With the Moto 360 you can change the track and volume directly from your watch. It’s also displays album art in vibrant fashion while you’re jamming out.
  • Familiar with the free language learning app? Then you’ll love its Moto 360 version. Syncing directly with the progress you’ve saved on your phone, the smartwatch app provides a discreet flashcard-type game you can easily play for a few minutes anywhere, anytime. I’m already seeing the benefits by way of expanded vocabulary and more confidence speaking another language in public.
  • Texts, emails, and even messages from WhatsApp show up right on my watch. I no longer need to stop what I’m doing and search my bag only to find I received yet another spam communication. Annoyance alleviated. Plus, I’m now responding to text messages directly from my timepiece. Huge benefit while driving.
  • The watch tracks my morning run and logs my steps throughout the day. This is huge! I’m no longer guessing how many miles I’ve covered, I know for sure – down to the step. It then syncs this info with RunKeeper. Say what?! Super handy feature.
  • Like the perfect boyfriend, this watch listens to your commands and follows through without ever making a sound. (The boyfriend part’s a joke. Don’t come for me.) Simply glance at the face, say “Ok Google”, and inform the watch of what you need. You can say “Direct me to Merchandise Mart” or “Where is the nearest coffee shop”. Directions then pop up on both your watch and phone. You can also ask the watch to open your emails, send text messages, take notes, and, of course, search Google. Again, the watch always remains silent.
  • Speaking of its silence, the alarm feature is another big win on this growing list of reasons to wear a watch again. Instead of repeating the same dog whistle high pitched beep, it vibrates to alert you. Soundless and effective.

Have you guys seen any of the new sexy/ironic Moto 360 videos on YouTube? Do you consider your style watch-friendly? When’s the last time you wore a watch? Comment below!

Moto 360. A Watch For Our Times.

  • MiAlexis

    I’ve been looking for the perfect watch for years and haven’t found it. This sounds like a good one but I’ve always preferred a rectangle face over circle. I’m going to check out the YouTube videos.

    • Thanks for reading, MiAlexis! Let me know what you think of the videos 🙂 They’re pretty funny!

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