Because I once walked three muddy miles in cute shoes to watch half of what I thought would be “The Lion King”. It was, instead, a Tyler Perry production. Don’t let this happen to you.*

With June comes the first day of summer and the official start of festival season. When you’re done doing everything fun and you just want to sink into the cushions of your couch and binge on Netflix but it’s too nice to stay indoors, there’s always Movies in the Parks. This year, over 200 screenings will take place throughout the city. Most of these movies will. be. terrible.

For your convenience, here’s a list of screenings worth attending, listed by genre. We’ve also got a neat, easy to print schedule here for ya. Enjoy!

(Update: For an interactive calendar listing, click here!)

Chicago Movies in the Parks 2015

Chicago Movies in the Parks 2015 2For the complete Chicago Movies in the Parks 2015 list click here.

*(No dis, if you love TP.)