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Chicago’s New Lakeshore East Neighborhood; 5 Things You’ll Love About It!

Chicago’s New Lakeshore East Neighborhood; 5 Things You’ll Love About It!

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Lakeshore East

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive tour of Chicago’s new Lakeshore East neighborhood. Never heard of it? Neither had I! Nestled between the river and the lake, the purposely planned and pimped out community is destined for happy hour greatness. Don’t get it confused, though. Lakeshore East is more than your new afterhours stress reliever with its plush lounges and restaurants. Its condos and apartments are modern yet cozy; boasting glossy floors and floor-to-ceiling windows condescending to Chi’s iconic Navy Pier. Bottom line: it’s an amazing place to both play and live – and I’m not getting paid to say this, by the way.

Here are 10 things you’ll love about the new Lakeshore East neighborhood and some exclusive photos from its private areas:

1. The deck at Aqua, The Apartment High Rise

The building itself is beautiful but the apartments inside are perfection. Just the right size, and complete with a dorm like (but way more mature) common living quarter which features:

Two full floors of recreational facilities

An onsite hotel (Radisson Blu Aqua) for ‘houseguests’

Onsite parking complete with I-GO cars for rent/sharing

Chicago’s largest – LARGEST – outdoor recreation deck. You guys, seriously, this deck is amazing. Sip by the pool while reflecting on an incredible view of the Pritzker.

Oh, and rent starts at just over $1700!

2. The view from Coast, Modern Resort-like Condos and Apartments

Got $10k a month? You could wake up to this view:

Lakeshore East
Click for Larger Image

Yea…I know, right? You’d have to sleep outside, though, ‘cause I took this picture from the penthouse’s balcony.

3. Getting fresh berries from Mariano’s

Who doesn’t love Mariano’s? With locations popping up everywhere, why shouldn’t you have one of the city’s best grocery stores two steps from your door? They sure know how to spoil a girl, eh?

4. Satisfying late night cravings at Subway

Open 24 hours. Yep, also two steps from your door.

5. Happy hour at III Forks, The Steakhouse

A restaurant chain that eats like an indie. Thoughtful menus executed with great delicious detail. Not to mention, it got an amazing open air lounge overlooking Lakeshore East’s private park (see: the first photo at the top).

Lakeshore East
An Example of Aqua’s Layout

If you live here you never have to leave home to enjoy the city.

  • Nancy K

    The list could go on and on! Eggys breakfast, view of Navy Pier fireworks, access to River and Lake path. . .been here 17 years. Happy to have so much new company!

    • Kari

      Thanks for an insider’s perspective, Nancy K! Can’t wait to check out Eggys!!

  • Barbara Bernstein

    The pre school is awesome and the children’s playground where mom’s and nanny’s can meet with their children is the sweetest amenity for the families. The dog park is one of the best meeting places too. So excited about the construction of the new school. It is the perfect place for diverse community living experience. I have watched the park grow over the past 5 years into a lush and gorgeous place to walk and relax any time of day or evening.

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