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Paintings, Peplum, and Perrier in Pilsen: A Brief Tour of Chicago’s Street Art Collection

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Perrier via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, Kari Herrera, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Perrier.

Like footsteps left behind on a dirt road, the walls of Chicago are covered in the artistry of some of the world’s most renowned creators – and by creators I mean, specifically, street artists. This is no small feat, seeing as how the city’s official stance is against street art, which is largely clumped together with graffiti and gang related tagging. Still, Chicago is where spray paint and sticker aficionados from around the globe have chosen to leave a lasting piece of themselves. It’s gotten to the point where we don’t even notice the work around us because it’s so plentiful and without pageantry.

That’s why when Perrier (yes, that Perrier) asked me to share some of my favorite Chicago street art work in honor of their limited edition street art inspired cans and bottles, I hopped all over this opportunity to shed new light on our municipal treasure.

Chicago's Street Art

Actually, first I wondered why on earth Perrier would want to cover their iconic bottles and cans in the art of the people and not some generic, antiquated imagery I mistakenly thought would better fit the over 150 year old brand. The answer’s pretty simple: Art is, at its most basic, inspiring. At its most prolific, life changing. Perrier is honoring that simple truth by featuring three of the label’s favorite artists from around the world. Sasu from Japan, Kobra from Brazil, and JonOne from New York & Paris were all commissioned to put their own unique spin on Perrier’s classically designed packaging.

For our Chicago street art tour, I selected the slim can designed by Kobra. In case you don’t know, Kobra is bae.  The Brazilian native is famous for his graphic take on Americana. For a glimpse into his genius click here, here, and here. That last one definitely é boa pra caramba!


Looking for the most concentrated collection of street art in the city, I grabbed my (play) cousin and headed to Pilsen, a neighborhood covered in paint.

ROA: Ghent, Belgium

The infamous possum of Pilsen; eyes wide open, straggly hairs well defined, and guts spilling onto 16th Street. ROA says this spot of wall basically chose him. Before even knowing what he would create, he knew he would have to create it here. The final result is simultaneously intriguing, disturbing, and stunning. This work was also commissioned by Pawn Works Gallery. Big thanks to those guys!

This mural is located along 16th near Laflin Street.

Perrier Street Art

Perrier Street Art

Perrier Street Art

Perrier Street Art

Guillaume Alby, aka REMED: Lille, France

Last year, for the Museum of Mexican Art, French artist REMED painted along 16th Street (directly next to our possum above) a striking geometrical pattern incorporating fish bones, Pac-Men, and human silhouettes. At least that’s what I see. What you see in REMED’s work will, of course, be something completely different. And that’s the point.

This mural is located along 16th near Laflin Street.

Chicagoings - Perrier Street Art 14


Chicagoings - Perrier Street Art 15

Perrier Street Art

Perrier Street Art

I must say, sipping on 50 billion bubbles from a Kobra designed can of Perrier, appreciating the free and plentiful street art of Pilsen, was a pretty dope way to spend a day. Are there any murals I missed that would’ve been on your list? Share in the comments section below.

What I wore:  top – BCBG Max Azria // jeans – 7 For All Mankind // shoes – Stuart Weitzman // accessories – various vintage shops and thrift stores

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This post is sponsored by Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in celebration of its new limited Street Art® edition. This limited edition packaging is a collaboration between Perrier and three of the world’s influential street artists: JonOne, Sasu and Kobra. To see the full line of collectible designs and learn more about this exciting debut, visit and join the conversation with #StreetArtByPerrier.

Kari Herrera is the creator of, Chicago’s indie city guide and blog. She often writes about the city’s points-of-interest as experienced by a local. She is a Social Media Marketing Manager and freelance writer. When she’s not working, Kari donates much of her time to the education of French-speaking immigrants in Chicago.

  • awesome post and i love that ROA piece..i snapped it a couple of yrs ago and I was looking all over for those Kobra cans!

    • Thanks Jaye! Feel free to share a link to your ROA mural pic. Those Kobra cans were almost sold out! I scored the last box at…dun dun dun DUN!…Jewel Osco! 😀

  • MiAlexis

    Great shots of the street art!

    • Thanks, MiAlexis. There will be more additions to this series in the near future.

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