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{Product Review & Giveaway} These are not your Mother’s Press-Ons!

{Product Review & Giveaway} These are not your Mother’s Press-Ons!

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Remember press-on nails? Definitely a plank on my bridge from tween to teen, but I outgrew them quickly. They were terribly designed. Why were Lee and Kiss obsessed with Pepto pink nail beds and boring French manicures? I’m a huge nail art junkie so that latter issue was definitely a deal breaker. Not to mention, each nail would pop off at only the behest of a brisk wind.

Fresh Prince

Then, there was my brief stint with acrylicholism in college. Acrylic nails looked great but their maintenance was time consuming and expensive. Within a month, my natural nails were stripped thinner than a vegan. Clearly, I figured, there was no way to sport artificial nails without damaging my natural nails, sacrificing my style, and draining my wallet.

I was wrong. Enter Static Nails.

My Experience with Static Nails

Static Nails

For half the price of acrylic nails, I purchased a Static Nails kit at this year’s Makeup Show. They are the creators of the world’s first Reusable, Paintable, and Shapeable™ pop-on manicure. Perfectly shaped and individually designed, avec Swarovski® crystals no less, my nails have, so far, withstood a week’s worth of dishwashing/typing/floor scrubbing/laundry duty and they still look great!

Remind me again why I stopped wearing faux nails?

Applying a full set took only 20 minutes. C’mon! Does it get any better than that? Answer: Nope. It doesn’t.

In fact, I love them so much that I contacted Static Nails and requested an exclusive discount for all you lovely readers. They agreed!

Give it away give it away give it away give it away now!

Until December 31, 2014, use promo code “CHICAGO” to receive 25% of your order at Static Nails’ online store.

For the 15th customer who uses our promo code, Static Nails will double your order for free! That means if you order one kit, you will receive a second at no cost. Ordering three kits? Receive three additional kits on the house!

This is a great opportunity to try an amazing product before everyone and their grandmother discovers it. I’m currently wearing the Bad Gal nails but I can’t wait to try their Black Tie and Rain Confetti.

After trying them out for yourself, let me know what you think in the comments below or on Instagram!

For future giveaways and promotion info, subscribe to our free weekly newsletter by clicking here!





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