{What to Wear in Chicago} The Rebellious Sweater Dress

“I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess. . . I wear sweaters every day. I know this will just feed into what everyone is saying, but I love sweaters. I don’t know, that’s honestly my favorite clothing item.” – Drake, regarding sweaters

The fall of Modesty in Mainstream Fashion

Fashion’s fixation on flesh as of late has really been making me uncomfortable. Privates, particularly certain female privates, are no longer private and that’s a problem. No doubt, it’s liberating for those leading this trend who proudly parade the street with their (ahem!) “party hats” to the sky. But don’t flatter yourself, Honey. Not everyone is here for this.

Then there’s the matter of midriffs, which have recently crossed all boundaries of body type and propriety. They’re at galas, weddings, restaurants, churches. Grandmas are giving us just a sliver of middle skin, and even men are playing their part in the show. It’s disturbing.

The Revolution

Modesty will make a huge comeback next season because, well, it has to. That’s what fashion does, right? After pillaging one extreme of the spectrum, it runs to the other for sanctuary.

We’ve already seen the smoke with midi-dresses– which I love! I’m no prude and I certainly don’t feel all dresses must be a specific length. Still, a dress that falls mid-calf is never inappropriate. I’ve never walked into a room and thought, “Hmm…this dress may be just a little to long for this occasion.” Nope. That’s never happened.

Why Sweater Dresses are Genius

In the mind of covered style, let’s talk about the sweater dress. Again, this is related to not wanting your “party hats” to be on display. Sweater dresses combine like no other the usually mutually exclusive worlds of comfort, modesty, and fashion. They offer a simplicity that’s a lot more liberating than public nudity.

AllSaints Sweater Dress

Michael Kors Gladiator Sandals




Why not take advantage of the brisk break in the weather this week by wearing a light weight sweater dress.

What do you think? Is the sweater dress boring or understatedly sexy?

Dress: Allsaints / Shoes:Michael Kors

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