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4 Quick Ways to Recover from Thanksgiving Weekend

4 Quick Ways to Recover from Thanksgiving Weekend

Recover from Thanksgiving Weekend

I don’t observe either Thanksgiving or Hanukkah (how surprised are you ’bout that last one, hm?). For me the end of November means only two things, vacation time and Black Friday sales. Consequently, please believe that when I tell you spending the last three days in a pool of garlic butter and seafood literally constitutes inexcusable behavior, I am saying this with deep shame and sincere confusion as to how it all even happened – this foodcation. I spilled from a cloud of eudemonia Sunday morning with a sodium hangover and a groggy Frankenstein-like disposition. Know what? It was worth it.

Women and children can be careless, but not men. – Don Corleone

For a guy, recovering from a few days of meat, sugar, and football may include an extra gym visit this week, an extra mile in the morning jog route, or summoning the willpower to inhale only 4 cases of Oreos instead of the usual 8. Truth is, men can be careless when it comes to their diet and routine. Women, it seems, not so much. So how do you recover from a long weekend of bad behavior? In my case, these four things are essential to getting back on track and feeling like my ol’ self again.


A Nice Long Bath

Merz Apothecary sells these amazing bath salts by Dresdner called “Love Letter Bath Salts”. You can find them in Merz’ online store. Mix these salts with a concoction of oil, rose oil, and tea tree oil for a wholly calming experience.

No Gin, Just Juice

Chances are, if you’re the type to enjoy an alcoholic beverage occasionally (like me), then you’ve enjoyed a few with your friends and family during these last vacation days (like me). Give it a rest for a bit. No one’s saying you’re knocking on rehabs door but your body could probably use a break from the sauce. Drink water. Lots and lots and lots of water!

Additionally, I like to juice for double the amount of days I splurged in my eating routine. For example, we entertained guests for dinner Thursday and Friday. To make up for the extra calories, I’ll juice for the next four days then return back to my usual habits. Find some great juice recipes at here!

Sweat (No Keith)

Running is an instant mood booster and cardiovascular charger. I’ll add an extra day to my running routine this week. If you’re not a runner, why not simply work out one more day than usual this week as a type of balance for the last three days of boloney (when’s the last time you heard that word, huh? I may not be so young).

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Sodium binges kill the glow in my skin, hair, and nails. After a weekend like this, I’ll be slathering on the night cream (I use Plantscription by Origins) and adhering religiously to the L.O.C. Method.

How do you recover from Thanksgiving Weekend?

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