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{Shopping} 40% Off at C/Fan

{Shopping} 40% Off at C/Fan

There’s a great SNL skit from last week (watch it here) about buying your girlfriend a crappy last minute gift from CVS ‘cause that pretty much sets the line of demarcation between the keepers and the losers, and by doing so you are claiming yourself as the worst boyfriend ever – a loser. 

I say, even a great gift purchased out of obligation is a bad gift. Don’t let Hallmark holidays be your only excuse for fancy shmancy presents!

Right now, C/Fan is offering 40% off of everything (yup, EH-VREE-THANG!) from its online store with promo code VDAY40. The Brett, The April, The Danny – all 40% off! Time to carpe that diem and treat ourselves to a fabulous fur! Who’s with me?!

Shop the sale at

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