Spa Review: Finding Tranquility at theWit Hotel

the spa at thewit

Image: theWit Hotel

the Spa at theWit
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I was first introduced to the comedic genius of Ricky Gervais during the thick of my obsession with all things “The Office”. The first time I saw the original BBC version of the show I thought “David Brent is a lot darker than Michael Scott, isn’t he?” “Comedy is supposed to be dark,” a friend explained. She, too, is English.

ಠ_ಠ “But it’s kind of painful to watch.” Which, now that I think about it, is a statement germane to all English comedy. The more I learned about Gervais, the more convinced I became that he was, in fact, the real life David Brent: equal parts innocence and evil.

That is, until I discovered Seona Dancing. (Don’t click that link. It’ll ruin your day.) Now, I have no idea what to think – about Gervais, comedy, or those few years I existed in the scary weird 80s.

My point? Never decide someone or something is good for only one thing. Take, for example, theWit. For years, I’ve seen the commanding hotel as a means to facilitate one aim – Roof on theWit, the hotel’s always popular rooftop lounge. But theWit is more than just one rooftop day party after another.

Aside from an array of eateries, oh, and an actual hotel, it houses one of the most tranquil day spas in The Loop. Translation: When you need to decompress during or after hours, this is where you’ll find a space that’s secluded, silent, and serene.

Here’s my review of The Spa at theWit.

The Spa at theWit

Located on the 5th floor, The Spa at theWit greets guests with warm, glowing fuchsia walls and an intimate welcome area. Good use is made of the small space which holds a fitness area, locker room, “Whisper Lounge”, and service rooms.

The Locker Rooms

Not for the inhibited, this locker room is completely open and the shower is only a step away from the lockers and vanity. It’s stocked with amenities such as deodorant, cotton swabs, hair brushes, and other girlie bits. This room isn’t for unwinding; it’s for getting dressed – and taking selfies.

the spa at thewit

The Whisper Lounge

Now, relax. Enter the dark room speaking and treading softly. Ironically, to accompany your moment of down time before spa time, they offer apples and nuts – the noisiest refreshments ever. During my visit, it seemed I was the only guest in the spa. So, I threw my feet up and bit deeply into the hardest apple I could find.


In a spacious private room, I enjoyed a 120 minute version of theWit Signature Massage, aptly named Sweeter Than Fiction. My massage therapist asked thoughtful questions beforehand and showed a hospitable, friendly attitude throughout the experience. Pressure applied was adjusted based on preference. My back is always full of knots so I requested a deep tissue massage. She wasn’t afraid to really put on the pressure, which I appreciated.  Aromatherapy was offered and I chose an oil so calming that I was completely knocked out not even 30 minutes into the process.

After my massage, I headed into the office feeling rejuvenated, ready to take on anything. I highly recommend The Spa at theWit as alternative happy hour or extended lunch. Its location is ideal for commuters and the friendly staff knows what they’re doing.

I may never make it up to the roof again. Kidding. See you there next Friday.

A big thanks to The Spa at theWit for arranging my spa service. All opinions expressed here are those of Kari Herrera and are not indicative of those held by The Spa at theWit, theWit Hotel, or any other entity.