{EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW} Spread the Love: Lovebomb Lacquer creator Thai Tyler

Lovebomb Lacquer

What can you really do in just 20 minutes? Plan a vacation you may or may not ever take, watch another episode of that show you’ve already seen on Netflix, start washing your dishes, finish writing your obituary? Instead, why not paint your nails in a color that keeps you smiling for the rest of the week.

Since 2010, Lovebomb Lacquer nail polish has been meticulously choosing and creating colors that instantly provide an escape from the mundane. Their first hue, Caviar, a glittery sheer black, is still a best seller and a favorite among fans. Lovebomb Lacquer’s founder, Thai Tyler, and I discussed her brand’s blossoming future over a cup of cappuccino at Sugar Fixé in Oak Park.

How did you get the idea to create amazing nail colors?

I was working on some painting and photography but looking for another way to help people express themselves through colors. My plan was to begin with a line of lip pigments. I was going to call it ‘Love Balm Lip-gloss’. You can’t be really crazy with lip-gloss colors, though, so I decided to create a natural line of nail colors – vegan friendly. With nail polish you can be really wild and have fun.

I have a friend who’s a biochemist and she helped me create my first base chemistry.

Lovebomb Lacqueer
A local artist creates nail art with Lovebomb Lacquer

From where do you draw inspiration?

I see colors in books, around me, even in music. My collection ‘In Bloom’ for spring is actually inspired by Nirvana’s song by that name.

Pink is a soft color but it can also be very strong and bold. To me, it’s a ‘coming out’ color. I had that in mind when creating ‘Untitled 6’ from our In Bloom Collection.

How long does it take from inspiration to polish creation?

Because I have to go back and forth with the lab, it can take months to get the color just right. Shade variation is a huge factor when creating colors.

Your message is all about spreading love. How is that actually done with Lovebomb Lacquer?

Each bottle includes a [love] note. Buy it for a friend and add a cute note to remind them of your love. We always include uplifting quotes on the bottle, but our notes can be customized. You can add a unique message for events or individuals in your life. In the future, I want to be a larger part of the community, volunteering at festivals, and hosting workshops at schools.

Lovebomb Lacquer
Customize your own Love Note!

Where can we find Love Bomb Lacquer?

Online at www.lovebomblacquer.com and at Dovetail in WestTown.



Dovetail, 1452 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL 60642

Find Thai on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (lovebomber)

Photos from www.dovetailchicago.com

Featured Photo from Lovebomb on Facebook