{Exclusive Interview} Fill-in-the-Blanks with Alexis Irene, CEO of Static Nails

Static NailsYesterday, we announced Static Nails’ super exclusive offer to all readers of Chicagoings.com – 25% off of your order plus a free gift for the 15th customer who uses our promo code. Today, we’d like you to meet the woman responsible for all of this fabulousness. Alexis Irene, CEO of Static Nails, is this week’s fill-in-the-blanker. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she started her amazing entrepreneurial journey right here in Chicago. It’s her theory on life, though, that will make you love her!

Hi my name is Alexis Irene but my friends call me “Lex” or “Red” when they’re being funny (or trying to be). I’m the best at what I do because I have years of both professional and personal experience in the beauty industry. I’ve had a passion for makeup since the age of 6. Every day, I’d mix formulas and experiment with different cosmetic products. At 16 years old, I was fortunate enough to be signed by an agency as a professional makeup artist. At 17, I took on the role of Business Manager for Bloomingdale’s cosmetics in California. Those experiences have helped me to create a

, one that’s actually useful.If I had three words to describe who I am they’d be strong, unpredictable, and passionate.

If I wasn’t a nail artist and entrepreneur, I’d be a dermatologist.  Many who struggle with skin issues feel less confident in themselves.  If I had the opportunity to really help people like that on a regular basis, I think it’d be amazing.

I am always reminding myself that each person is dealt different cards in life. Some hands will be better than others, but it is your tenacity that will make you a winner in the end.  Anyone can make their dreams a reality if they plan well, give it everything they’ve got, and never quit.

Static Nails
Alexis and the Static Nails crew at this year’s Makeup Show Chicago

I love Chicago because it’s the perfect combination of West and East coast.  Our city is beautiful and the people are awesome! I rave about Chicagoans whenever I’m traveling.  Everyone I have met who is from the city or has lived here for years is so warm, welcoming, and fun. My favorite neighborhood is Wicker Park – and Boystown. Oh, and the Loop, of course!  There is always tons of great food and lots to do in those areas.

My advice to Chicagoings.com readers is to never stress about something until you absolutely have to. Stress does so much damage to us. Why let a situation get the best of you? Treat each day as a fresh start and use it as an opportunity to explore new things, better yourself, and chase your dreams.

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