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Chicago Photographer Patrick Lino

Local wedding photographer Patrick Lino exhibits amazing style in front of and behind the lens. Known for his tailored suits and purposely preppy combinations, Patrick gives us a lesson on how to dress like a man in the 21st century.

In today’s world of casual offices and informal weddings, is it still necessary for a man to own a suit?

I see couples starting to venture back to the traditional timeless styled weddings. Having at least one high-quality suit is necessary for events like interviews, funerals, work functions, and religious gatherings.

What are most guys in Chicago missing when it comes to wearing a suit well?

Chicago is simply a more conservative city compared to cities like L.A. or New York and many think you must spend a fortune to own a great suit. This is no longer the case! In fact, a well-fitting $150 suit will almost always look better than a $1500 suit that is too big, too flashy, or outdated.

Describe your first suit?

Ugh! Don’t remind me. When I was 10 years old I wore an awful 3 button gray and black suit that was about two sizes too big, and made of itchy polyester…..thanks mom! I guess that explains why girls back then used to run from me! (laughs)

Chicago Photographer Patrick Lino

Describe your favorite suit?

My favorite suit is my mid-gray two button wool suit with peak lapels. It’s my most versatile suit in that I can wear the pants and jacket separately to mix and match for a variety of different looks. Most importantly, I purchased that suit for my wedding last summer so it has sentimental value – reminding me of my beautiful wife.

How necessary is the hanky?

So necessary! A colorful handkerchief is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a suit especially if you work in a conventional or conservative office.  A little pop of color will turn heads!

One breast or two?

Both. The double-breasted suit has made a comeback and has evolved from the “power suits” of the early 90’s, with big shoulder pads and wide pinstripes, to something more understated. The latest rendition of the DB is a sleek profile with subtle lapels and shoulders.

Chicago Photographer Patrick Lino

Will the bowtie work on everyone? What about the skinny tie?

Proportions play a huge role in successfully pulling off a bowtie or a skinny tie. If the lapels on your suit jacket are slim and your shirt collar is short, a smaller bowtie or skinny tie works best.  But with a wide-lapel suit, a skinny tie may appear to be out of balance.  Of course style is simply a manner of expression so there is room for personal preference.

Where can a guy find a great quality suit in Chicago?

At Suit Supply in the Gold Coast I find a comfortable balance between quality, durability, and cost. Their sizing is more European so the majority of their suits fit me extremely well with minimal alterations. Their customer experience is wonderful and they understand sartorial elegance.

In your opinion, what’s the most important article of clothing a man can own?

Without question every man should own a classic-cut navy sport coat.  A versatile item, it can be dressed formally with a crisp button-down for a wedding or interview or can be dressed casually with a trim t-shirt or polo for that splendid summer dinner date with the significant other.

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