{What to Wear in Chicago} 5 Pieces to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

Before diving completely into this spring thing, Chicago’s been cautiously dipping its toe in the pool for about a week now with highs in the 40s and 50s. It’s a welcome break from the unbearably cold. I’m not complaining. I’m not exactly running through Millennium Park in flip flops either. There’s still snow on the ground for goodness’ sake.

Like the seasoned urban survivalists we are, Chicagoans must dress for today with a closet ready for tomorrow.

Here are 5 essential items that will effortlessly transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. We’re dipping into modern style icon Tracee Ellis Ross’ closet for this one.

A Punchy Dress with Sleeves

transition wardrobe from winter to spring

The perfect dress is a complete look in one package. It goes from day to night painlessly and is exclusively feminine. During this period of transition, pick one with ¾ or full sleeves in a pattern that echoes the brilliance of the sun and blooming springtime flowers.

Toss the Parka, Grab the Trench

transition wardrobe from winter to spring

Brain was loyal and Penny had the world’s first MacBook but Inspector Gadget had style. Okay, he also had a bunch of useless gadgets but it was his coat that always saved the day. At least that’s the way I remember it. Don’t ruin my childhood with stupid facts. The point is, a great fitting trench is the only coat we’ll need till next fall. Yippee.

Jump, Jumpsuit – No Kriss Kross

transition wardrobe from winter to spring

Q: In this 90s rap duo, which one was Mac Daddy and which was Daddy Mac?

Another all in one deal. The jumpsuit, and I’m including rompers here which are basically the same thing but short-ed, are a great way to feel 30% more chic and look 25% smarter. These numbers are based on science. A: Chris Smith (lighter complexion) was Daddy Mac.

Beauties wear Booties

transition wardrobe from winter to spring

Great with dresses, jeans, heels and shorts – booties are today, tomorrow, and the future! If only they could run for mayor…

Take it to the Head

transition wardrobe from winter to spring

Your choices have just expanded from anything warm to anything cute. Wrap up those tresses in a fashion forward scarf or pretend you’re Justin in 2005 and wear a fedora. It’s your world, Squirrel.

For more of Joan’s – um, Tracee’s undeniable style, visit our Pinterest board dedicated to the actress.