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Weekend Ready Chicago Nail Art: Spifster

Weekend Ready Chicago Nail Art: Spifster

Nail Art


Nerds and Geeks, Get Like Me!

Pac-Attack the weekend away with a design that’s guaranteed to grab the attention of a nerd or two. This weekend’s nail art is brought to you by Spifster Sutton. Spifster is a true artist in every sense of the word. Don’t ask her to create the same design twice! Instead, allow your fingers to be the canvas for her perpetually active artistic mind. She does, however, ask your input prior to each creation. Tell her you’re inspired by Atari and see what she does for you. Book an appointment with Spifster at StyleSeat.

Chicago Nail Art is a weekly feature. All artists are Chicago based.
Photos by Spifster's Tumblr
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