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{What to Wear in Chicago} Plus, the Season’s first fest is coming this Weekend!

{What to Wear in Chicago} Plus, the Season’s first fest is coming this Weekend!

allsaints leather jacket

allsaints leather jacket

allsaints leather jacket

allsaints leather jacket

Mondays are like newborns. They all start out ugly.

Still, we want the best for them. We dream of what they’ll be, the opportunities awaiting them, the open doors, and fresh starts. We see their future as bright and limitless.

Time passes and some Mondays make us proud. They’re focused, accomplished, even beautiful. Setting a precedent for days to follow.

Others are disappointing. They’re unproductive, dare we say “lazy”. Ending much uglier than when they started.

I sat my Monday down for a long talk this morning. I let it know what I expected – no, required over the next 24 hours. It didn’t go well. . .

A few Links to Distract Your Monday

An all-white party covered in snow headlined by the “king of techno” Moby? Snowstorm Fest drives a Mini, wears Sperrys, and votes Republican. Uh-huh. It’s that white. Grab your LeSportsac and get in on the action this Saturday. SnowStormfest 2015

If your fridge is 1 foot away from your toilet, chances are you’re living that micro life. Curbed’s Micro Week shows us all what to do with the space we’ve got, no matter how small. Curbed Chicago

Minnie Minosa, Chicago’s first black major league baseball player passed away. President Obama releases statement saying Minosa’s life “embodies far more than a plaque ever could”. Huffington Post

Starting tomorrow, everyone’s favorite barcade Emporium is getting an actual food truck inside of their currently empty, decoration only, food truck parked inside. Act like a big kid. Eat like a workaholic on Wacker. Eater Chicago

Articles making waves on Homan Square is the most Messed Up; The 5 Minute Face in Under 3 Minutes; {March Giveaway} A Surprising new Remedy for Aging Skin

allsaints leather jacket

Shop Below: //Fedora= Vince Camuto// Jacket= AllSaints (similar below) //Dress= Calvin Klein (similar below)// Gladiators= Michael Kors//

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