How to Dress for Afternoon Tea and 5 Things You Should Know Before Going

The perfect dress for afternoon tea.

My series “The Local Tourist” features Chicago’s well-known attractions and hidden gems as seen through the eyes of a local. The first spot on this local tourist’s tour? Afternoon tea in Palm Court at the Drake Hotel. You can read all about it here.

If that article has inspired you to call a friend and head to High Tea, here are some suggestions on what you should wear and 5 things you must know before going.

What to Wear to Afternoon Tea

This isn’t prom night or a wedding reception. When selecting what you’ll wear keep it lady like and simple. I love dresses and recommend a simple frock that makes you feel refined. Here are a few more of my favorite looks:

A modest chic dress for afternoon tea.

A cute wrinkle-free dress that is perfect for afternoon tea. It travels well and I don't need to iron it!

Pastels for afternoon tea.The perfect dress for afternoon tea in Chicago.

What to Wear to Afternoon Tea

5 Things You Should Know Before Going

Tea can be Pricey

Traditional high tea in Chicago will cost you from $30-$100 dollars per person prior to gratuity.

Cancel Your Appointments

Tea service runs two hours on average. Make sure you’re able to relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t schedule Afternoon Tea if you’re pressed for time.

No Matter the Day, Reservations are a MUST

Always secure a reservation no matter the day or the size of your party. Space can be extremely limited.

No Jeans

Never wear denim or overly relaxed clothing to Afternoon Tea.

Don’t Come Full or Starving

Afternoon Tea was created as a time to snack and spend time with friends in between meals. Typically, it’s best not to arrive starving but remember to leave room in your appetite for the delectable treats.