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{What to Wear in Chicago} Silk Shirts and Midi Skirts

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Chicago things

Blouse by Tory Burch (similar)| Tory Burch Silk Mimi Shirt • Tory Burch • $177
Skirt by Harlowe and Graham(similar)| Full midi skirt • Gap • $59.95 and Auberta Pleated Midi Skirt Navy • Missguided • $40
Heels by Cinti (similar)| Alexander Wang ‘Lovisa’ pumps • Alexander Wang • $495
Bag Kate Spade (similar)| kate spade new york Tote – Cobble Hill Peters • Kate Spade • $398

Chicago things and what to wear

Spring is here! We’re in the clear! A round of ice coffees on me! Actually, scratch that. Spring is here but it’s leaving tonight for Miami. It should return by Thursday with its BFF Thunderstorm. So…there’s that.

The dress code was “Sunday best” and folks paraded the streets in pastels, hats, and baby girls dressed in tulle yesterday. With a mimosa in hand and brunch on the table, I couldn’t help but reflect on everything we’ve been through these last few months: Unending darkness, Netflix binges, Grubhub addictions, glacial winds, hosiery, thermals, and ugly shoes. It was torture but we survived.

Staving off our food coma with a lazy stroll, my husband and I noticed something strikingly odd about our (Oak Park) neighbors’ behavior. At first alarming, their performance grew charming. “Hi!” “Have a great day!” “Hey guys! Enjoying the weather?” One after another, a familiar face stepped up, smiled, threw out a greeting, and convincingly executed a series of awkward gestures and childish giggles. It was odd. Were these the same people who have been spitting hateful glares at me all winter? The same folks who refuse to get out of the way during my morning run, who never reciprocate my overly polite smiles, and who pretend like we’re still strangers after years of sharing the same block?

It’s like everyone’s seeing the world for the first time – or seeing their neighbors for the first time. Maybe spring is finally here. Or maybe there’s a gas leak. Either way, I’m feeling… lighter.

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Chicago things and what to wear

Chicago things

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