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Blame Instagram. As temperatures drop, beach bumming and festival hopping are replaced with photos of family dinners and restaurant splurges. Come New Year, it’s easy to have forgotten literally how to eat. Portion control? Seriously, what even is that? The stroke of midnight January 1st sends a wave of weight loss resolutions into the ether. Look around. Someone you know is probably juicing, and they hate it.

Crash diets and quick cleanses were hovering on the horizon like a gang of sharks headed for my canoe. Knowing this day of reckoning was imminent, I called up Snap Kitchen a few months back for help preparing a winter season plan of attack. Snap Kitchen is a team of ready when you are, health conscious food gurus that provide the perfect dieting alternative. Their team of food enthusiasts quickly got me started on a new lifestyle plan and taught me some tips for achieving success today and forever — none of which include starvation. In fact, just the opposite.

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How to Slim Down Today and Forever

Eat the Food You Deserve

Would you welcome a friend into your home who showed you little respect and left you feeling terrible inside? Why welcome food into your body that does nothing for your health and leaves you feeling depleted, bloated, or tired? Eat quality foods, fresh foods, foods whose name you can pronounce and be sure to support local farmers whenever possible. This principle alone cuts out the evils of fast food. Snap Kitchen’s team works hard to find seasonally appropriate, local ingredients for each dish they create. Students, entrepreneurs, and generally busy folks, this is a huge time saver for us!

Portion Control is King

Contrary to the philosophy of every grandma who ever lived, overconsumption is bad. Seconds are not mandatory. For ease, separate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks into appropriately sized containers. Keep them in the fridge and pull them out whenever you’re ready. This takes planning and time, which I rarely have. Thankfully, Snap Kitchen makes homemade meals ready-to-go in reusable plastic containers. I just run in, pick up what I need, and I’m set for three days.

Be Resourceful, Not Restrictive

Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, write down a few things you love to eat. For example, I love chocolate, cheese, and red wine. In moderation, none of these things are particularly unhealthy. On certain days, I’ll substitute a snack or lunch (never breakfast!) for something on my list of favorites. Snap Kitchen’s 21-Day Commit Program includes customizable slots where favorite foods can be added in – making it super easy to follow.

These three tips can be applied by anyone looking to achieve improved health, clearer skin, and weight loss, but if you are interested in Snap Kitchen and their 21-Day Commit Program, here are a few things you should know…

My Experience with Snap Kitchen’s 21-Day Commit Program

Full disclosure: I cheated more than a few times with this program, not because it wasn’t satisfying, but because I received a few dinner invitations around that time and couldn’t (read: wouldn’t) turn them down. Still, with regular exercise and sticking as close as I did to the menu, I lost 8 pounds in 21 days. Not bad. Had I followed the program perfectly, I unquestionably would have lost more.

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My main concern was health since I’m often tired. After the first few days, I felt like a cloud of fatigue had been lifted off of me. A full week with no coffee and I was wired! It was crazy.

More often than not when it was time for my next meal I was still satisfied from the last. The portions, while appropriate, are not skimpy by any means.

I should also mention how delicious everything is. From the quinoa salad to the grass-fed beef meatballs with peppers, this is restaurant quality food hand crafted by talented chefs.

I use the app MyFitnessPal to track my diet and workouts. Everything in Snap Kitchen’s store comes with its own easy to scan barcode, making it all app friendly.

Each meal comes with simple to follow heating instructions. I don’t own a microwave and it would have definitely been easier to prepare some meals if I had one.

By the end of it all, I realized how much of my eating was based solely on impulse. With planned meals, I no longer eat something just because I’m craving it. Therefore, I’m now eating better food that’s better for me. Light bulb moment!

My only caveat: This program isn’t cheap. To save a few bucks, I recommend substituting seafood dishes for chicken or only choosing Snap Kitchen for some meals and not all of your meals. I spoke with a few people on their team about this and they also recommend being forthcoming about your budget, no matter how small, right off the bat. They’ll make it work!

Will you be trying Snap Kitchen this year? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Big thanks to Snap Kitchen for allowing me to try their program for the sake of this article.

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