{EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW} 4 Common Mistakes Every Bride Makes and How You Can Avoid Them

Chicago Wedding Photographer Patrick Lino

For any woman, planning a wedding is an incredibly audacious undertaking; very similar to the production of a Hollywood movie. There are directors, casting sessions, costume design, set location and promotional marketing decisions, and the added stress of preparing for what should be the rest of your very happy life. Sadly, many brides make 4 crucial mistakes during this planning process:

  1. They fail to budget properly for the things that matter. (Louboutin pumps but the wedding photos look as if they were taken with an iPhone?)
  2. Relying on a crash diet for quick and significant weight loss hoping to look like a ‘model’ version of themselves on the big day.
  3. Bland engagement photos. (No dis to Sears but…)
  4. A wedding album lacking the ceremony’s most endearing moments.

Chicago photographer, and personal style ‘instaBlogger’, Patrick Lino is dropping some wisdom on us today in an exclusive interview with Kari where he discusses what really matters when the lights go up and the cameras start rolling. You’ll be surprised. Check it out!

Chicago Wedding Photographer

 How important is it for a bride and groom to invest properly in their wedding photography?

Would you really rather rely on an amateur to capture one of the most important days of your entire life? 20 years from now we may not remember what food was served or what songs were played throughout the night. All we will have to look back upon are the pictures and video.

Can only professional models pull off gorgeous engagement/wedding photos?

Absolutely not! Some of the best wedding photos I’ve seen and taken [were focused on] capturing the expressions within the moment. The way a father holds his daughter during the father/daughter dance, the expression of a groom seeing his bride for the first time down the aisle; those genuine and sincere moments are what make photos come to life.  And if you can capture them creatively you certainly have the ingredients of a gorgeous photo.

Chicago Wedding Photographer Patrick Lino

Everyone knows engagement photos should never resemble class pictures. How can we keep ours original and modern? What are some of your favorite themes for engagement shoots?

My favorite engagement shoots are those set in downtown Chicago. The city has so much architecture and [aesthetic] texture that you can shoot almost anywhere and come up with something solid. My favorite location within Chicago is around Fulton Market. I like the contrast of love against a rugged backdrop. It’s clever and romantic without being cliché.

I like the contrast of love against a rugged backdrop…

What five shots/moments must every wedding photo album contain?

-Details of the bride’s attire (dress, shoes, jewelry, etc)

-The first kiss, of course

-The couple’s grand entrance for the first time as husband and wife

– Their first dance

– The bouquet toss (if customary)

Chicago Wedding Photographer

How has your view of wedding photography changed since your own wedding?

The day of my wedding was a complete blur (laughs) so I don’t remember too much. However, since my own wedding I’m more [in tune with my client’s requests]. I work to keep the experience upbeat and positive – especially with the bride. The last thing you want is a bride to become irritated with the person who’s responsible for capturing one of the most important days of her life.

Ever shed a tear while shooting a wedding?

No tears, but there have been close calls! (Laughs) I’m usually more emotional when editing the images at home. [Thinking of the trust a couple’s given me with this – their moment]… it’s very humbling!

Chicago Wedding Photographer

Where can we find examples of your work?

My website: www.patrolind.com or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PatroLind


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