A Trustworthy Guide to the Best Ice Cream in Chicago. Plus, What to Wear in Chicago

the Best Ice Cream in Chicago

the Best Ice Cream in Chicago

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How was your Labor Day weekend? … Me? Oh, I spent yesterday eating ice cream in Pilsen. Then, I got to thinking: I should make a guide to the most iconic ice cream spots in Chicago. Better late than never right?

Summer’s almost over but the temperature is still rising. Keep the fun going with a bowl of cream – and not just any old ice cream. Here’s where to find the most famous scoops in Chi.

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A photo posted by Kari, Editor of Chicagoings (@chicagoings) on


A photo posted by Kari, Editor of Chicagoings (@chicagoings) on

Guide: The Best Ice Cream in Chicago

  • Bobtail Ice Cream, 2951 N Broadway St
    • With flavors like Lakeview Barhopper and Cubby Crunch, it doesn’t get more Chicago than this. How the store’s recipe came about is a cute story involving the owner’s grandfather in 1950 and a recent business school project. The end result is a highly successful neighborhood staple serving soft, creamy, ice cream.
  • Delicias Natural, 2867 N Milwaukee
      • An unassuming parlor full of rich Mexican ice cream flavors. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something above and beyond vanilla – like chili peppers or tequila!
  • Sugar Shack, 630 W 26th St
      • You know what they say? Everything’s bigger in … Bridgeport. Or something like that. The Chicago ‘hood definitely serves big portions of amazing ice cream at this cute shop during the warm months. Experience the best of any state fair with one of their signature funnel cakes.
  • Margie’s Candies, 1960 N Western Ave
      • At almost 100 years old, Margie’s still looks pretty good! Hand-dipped candies and homemade sundaes are what they’re known for and they’ve been serving happy teenagers and parents alike for many years from their famous clam-shell dishes.
  • Rainbow Cone, 9233 S Western Ave
      • From cone to cake, the five flavor namesake here is a must have. It includes orange sherbet, pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, and Palmer House (New York Vanilla with cherries and walnuts). During the really hot days, the line here can get pretty long, but it’s more than worth the wait – and trip to Beverly if you live on the north side of the city.
  • Black Dog Gelato, 859 N Damen Ave
      • No, gelato isn’t technically ice cream but we’re looking the other way here. Black Dog Gelato owner Jessica Oloroso serves up the creamier alternative in imaginative flavors and adult-only, spirit infused varieties. Whiskey gelato anyone?

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