{ChicagoingsTV} Behind the Design: Glass House Shirt Makers

Glass House Shirt Makers
Guy hailing cab, late for work, wearing a Glass House shirt, doesn’t break a sweat.
Glass House Shirt Makers
Guy wearing Glass House, sipping espresso, wearing these sunglasses, still looks incredibly cool.

NEW episode of Behind the Design below! In one of our most fun interviews to date, we chat it up with designer Daniel Bernardo of Glass House Shirt Makers at his studio in Chicago. Bernardo shares his favorites spots around town and explains why every man needs a quality shirt.

What Does Your Closet Say About You?

More accurate than a Myers Briggs test, the subconscious confessions hanging in our closet are trustworthy indicators of who we are. Of all the worn sneakers and poorly hung suits, nothing is more telling than the complete lack of a well-made Oxford shirt.

Not owning a proper shirt is tantamount to giving up on life. It’s like, I don’t know, getting a face tattoo.  The void in your wardrobe says I’m no one, I value nothing, and I don’t particularly see my future heading toward any place of promise. Basically, unless your name is Lil’ Wayne or Mike Tyson, you should probably own a decent shirt.

We’re kicking off the second season of our Behind the Design series with Daniel Bernardo, creator of Glass House Shirt Makers. Glass House is a Chicago based company specializing in well-fitting, quality shirts for men. Using only sustainable materials, Daniel successfully has been constructing custom fit shirts at reasonable prices for well-dressed gentlemen all over the world.

Here he fills us in on why every guy needs at least one good shirt, the universal benefit to using only consciously grown materials, and what you’ll find in his cup any given Friday at Bar Deville in Ukrainian Village.

Glass House Shirt Makers - The Outfitter
The Outfitter, biking to his favorite indie coffee house, wearing Glass House.
Glass House Shirt Makers - The Outfitter
The Outfitter accidentally drops his clothes on the floor. Because the shirt is Glass House, it looks intentional.

The Outfitter and The Shirt Maker

Our host is Patrick Lino, menswear expert and Insta-blogger behind The Outfitter. Patrick is our new menswear contributor and we’re thrilled to have his talents with us.

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Watch our exclusive interview below.

Find Glass House at their online store or in Chicago at the following boutiques: Penelope’s, MEYVN, and Dovetail.

Images: Glass House Shirt Makers and The Outfitter