{ChicagoingsTV} Behind the Design: SWABY


In this week’s episode of Behind the Design, SWABY creator Shernett Swaby gives us an exclusive look at her showroom and studio where each item in her collection is created meticulously by hand.

Watching the designer curve over her sewing machine and then fashion each origami detail by hand, one can’t help but think, ‘Why doesn’t Shernett simply outsource this menial task as do most designers nowadays?’ Shernett isn’t like most fashion designers. “I don’t consider myself a designer. I’m an artist.”

A Little Girlie, A Lotta Edgy

SWABY is known for its structured details, textures, and grown-up punk aesthetic. In addition to the geometric pieces of SWABY, Shernett keeps it practical with Model 29, an everyday ready-to-wear line featuring separates for the moments in your life when you can’t ‘have flower puffs on your shoulders’. Personally, I’m a huge fan of everything Shernett does. Her leather handbag collection is kryptonite to my budget. Each bag is a piece of art dripping in fringes and ruffles.

Shernett’s disciplined professionalism takes nothing away from her warm personality and bubbly spirit. She has us dying of laughter during this week’s ChiTown Showdown! Take a look:

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2459 W. Augusta Blvd

Chicago, IL 60622



By appointment only to ensure exclusive time with the designer


(312) 533-1745

As always, a special thanks to ChiTown Fashionista, Media Elixer, Gabriel Charles Tyler, and DJ Hash for making this amazing video series possible!