{ChicagoingsTV} Behind The Design: Atelier Azza

Atelier Azza

In our first episode of Behind the Design,  Atelier Azza’s creator Azeeza Khan discusses everything from fashion to food. If you haven’t heard of Atelier Azza…well, chances are you HAVE heard of Atelier Azza. Premiering at New York Fashion Week only a year ago and now a widely recognizable brand, Azza marries Bollywood glam with a local practicality like no one else. She’s a personal fave of mine, and so I felt especially privileged to sit with Azeeza on one of the biggest nights of her career, the grand opening of her first store at The Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Avenue.


A Lady in the Street but A Chef In the Kitchen

‘Waking up every morning unsatisfied’ keeps Azeeza moving ahead and achieving her goals. Here she shares current inspirations, influences, and the one woman she wishes would hire her. Plus, get a peek into her kitchen as she describes the craziest, most delicious, pasta recipe we’ve ever heard of – involving potato chips!

We found a similar recipe to the one Azeeza describes in a post by Mehan’s Kitchen – sans ruffle chips so feel free to add them!

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Shop Atelier Azza: The Shops at North Bridge
520 N. Michigan Avenue 
3rd floor, adjacent Nordstrom Women’s Department 

Mon – Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 11am – 7pm

(312) 327-2300

Photo Credit: http://www.hallieduesenberg.com/

As always, a special thanks to ChiTown Fashionista, Media Elixer, Gabriel Charles Tyler, and DJ Hash for making this amazing video series possible!