{ChicagoingsTV} Behind the Design: Crystal B. Designs

Chicago fashion designerNEW episode of Behind the Design below! In our latest episode of Behind the Design, we visit Pilsen to chat with on-the-edge Chicago fashion designer Crystal Simms of Crystal B. Designs. Crystal shares her favorite spots around town and explains why her take on fashion is so progressive.

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“The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.” – Oscar de la Renta

In order for fashion to be progressive, it must continue taking risks and designers must be rewarded for the risks they take (not you, Kanye). That’s why Crystal Simms is such an important player on Chicago’s fashion scene. Our city is notoriously conservative and when it comes to style we rarely let our hair down. Crystal adds fun to our otherwise safe, humdrum fashion game.

Aggressively Forward Thinking

St. Louis born, Chicago educated, Crystal studied at the International Academy of Designs and Technology while juggling classes at Harry Truman College – before studying abroad in London. She’s been perfecting her craft for years and has the receipts and passport stamps to prove it. Her exposure to European and Asian design is clearly seen in her on-the-edge, sculptural shapes and overall aesthetic.

Hate showing up to any event with the same look as someone across the room? So does Crystal and she approaches each piece with an ambition for individuality.

Behind the Design

“Crystal B. Designs is a Chicago based, avant-garde brand that focuses on fusing … architectural forms with the female silhouette to positively enhance [the] features of a woman.”

In this episode of Behind the Design, we sit with Chicago fashion designer Crystal B. Designs to discuss her current collection “Asylum”, named after the real life women of a psychiatric institution.  It includes a straitjacket. Yup.

We’ll also be quizzing her with our “Chitown Shakedown” to see how well she really knows this city and which spots around town are her favorites.

Steal away three minutes (roughly the amount of time it takes your boss to pour coffee) and watch it now. Hurry, now!