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It is harder to find a dress that falls below the knee than it is to find street parking in the loop before 5 p.m. Grandmas, babies, it doesn’t matter who, everyone’s being sold micro hemlines and that’s a problem. Here’s the fix.

eShakti™ is an online store that has inspired an entire new series here on – “Online Find”. Each Monday (I’ll try!), we will feature an e-store that appeals to our readers. Why is eShakti the perfect choice for our first “Online Find”?

  1. Although the city of broad shoulders is full of plenty well-dressed folks, we’re not an L.A. or New York. Our fashion pool is shallow, meaning fewer stores, fewer designers, and fewer options. Hello, e-commerce!
  2. Overall, we’re a conservative bunch who prefer not to stunt in up-to-there skirts while at work. Also, sometimes we want to worship, attend a wedding, funeral, or see our mom. For these occasions the dress code is usually modest – not matronly. We need better options for sexy silhouettes that are equally appropriate for the pre-geriatric.
  3. We’re busy Bettys. If you need a dress for that thing you’re going to next month but don’t have the hours free to spend in stores, online shopping is the perfect alternative.

Chic Midi Dresses

What exactly is eShakti?

eShakti is an online clothing store that allows shoppers to customize the hem lines, sleeve style, and neckline of almost anything they sell. For date night, you may not want your dress to fall mid-calf. To meet his parents, you might. I prefer a longer length for most occasions and eShakti has been a lifesaver! Not just dresses, they also offer jumpsuits, pants, skirts, and shorts in styles ranging from Bohemian to preppy.

Most items are priced under $100 and the quality is decent. I received a dress free of charge from the store but purchased a few on my own to compare. I can honestly say that aside from some minor issues (a hook that needed to be tightened – easy fix!) I have been completely satisfied with their products and have received tons of compliments from friends and strangers.

Two things that matter most to me when shopping online are the treatment of a company’s workers and the quality of their customer service. eShakti has proven to be an open book. They’ve satisfied my questions regarding work conditions and I usually receive a response to any inquiry within 24 hours.

If you’re Reading this, you’ve Already Won!

You’ve already won this week’s prize: a $35 gift coupon to eShakti! Your coupon is valid until 6/30 (next Tuesday) so hurry and start shopping.

GC CODE: CHICAGOINGS35Valid till 06/30/2015

Enter this code in the ‘Gift Coupon / Referral Code’ box at checkout

Only one gift coupon can be used in an order

Not valid on previous purchases / purchase of gift cards.

This gift coupon cannot be transferred, re-issued or exchanged for cash.
Minimum order value $30.

You Should Know…

The more you buy, the higher the chance your order will be delayed in customs. I ordered three dresses and it took almost a month for me to receive them. An order for one dress was received within two and a half weeks. While I didn’t need to do any more than wait for the larger package to finally clear, the store will contact any buyers from whom additional info is needed.

Disclosure: As is common with store reviews, one dress was provided by eShakti. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, Kari Herrera, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of eShakti.