How to: Stockings, Socks, and … Sandals?

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how to wear socks with sandals

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Tights and Sandals

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Listen. I won’t lie to you about my track record with reference to fashion. I’ve been known to Hit the Quan all over that line separating the acceptably eccentric from … well, Kanye West. A week ago, even while floundering in faux pas, I would have laughed harder than Beyoncé at a Ciara concert had you suggested I wear what I’m rocking today. Nay, I wouldn’t have laughed. I would have defriended you across all social media platforms, changed my Netflix password without telling you, and suggested you watch “this new show called Empire that I hear is really good and makes a lot of sense”.  Yet, to my surprise, the day has arrived for me to fall completely off of fashion’s edge, shame my mother, and repulse my friends. Today, I am wearing socks and sandals, simultaneously. I am not ashamed.

But let me explain.

Last month, I discovered The RealReal, an online luxury consignment store. In fact, any blogger worth her weight in Valentino Rockstuds has known about The RealReal for years and so my recent discovery only proves how awesome I am at fashion blogging. (Answer: Not very awesome.) After finding this e-store and ordering a pair of amazing leather strappy things, I remembered something crucial to my enjoyment of said sandals: I live in Chicago and the frigid fingers of fall are only a whisper away.

Socks and sandals
Sandals. They’re what’s for fall.

As if he knew the precise day my package would arrive, fall showed up like the surprise twist in a Tyler Perry movie – too strong and much too soon. It’s cold, ya’ll! How that happen?! Sure, it’s technically October or whatever but just a few days ago I was ordering my pumpkin spice drink on ice and twirling down the sidewalk, sipping my straw, and flailing my cotton dress against happy bare legs. Now I’m digging through storage for wool and tweed like a backpacking American in a trash full of freshly discarded croissants. Poor new-to-me sandals. Will we ever have our day in the sun?

Then it hit me, why can’t I wear my straps and be warm too? Socks, tights, miscellaneous hosiery, get ready. It’s sandal weather!

If you want to know how a curious fashion choice will look in practice, there’s one woman who’s likely already been where you’re going. That would be Leandra Medine, author and blogger behind Man Repeller. Medine recently published an article that abandons the socks and sandals trend in favor of naked feet but we’re going to ignore that completely and focus instead on her demonstrated modus operandi.

Without further ado, here’s a guide to wearing socks with sandal for me, for you, for everyone.

How to Wear Socks with Sandals

How Leandra Medine does it:

How to wear socks with sandals

How I do it:how to wear socks and sandals

How you can do it: