Introducing ChicagoingsTV!



You may remember my recent fashion feature ‘3 Top Designers, 1 Amazing New Video Series‘. Well, I am so excited to finally bring you loyal readers and subscribers a brand new video series entitled ‘Behind the Design’ now viewable on ChicagoingsTV! A collaborative effort by me and the incredible Nikia Jefferson of ChiTown Fashionista, this three part series will feature intimate interviews with some of the fastest growing names on Chicago’s fashion scene. I’ll sit down with each designer for a heart-to-heart chat regarding their motivation, inspiration, and plans for future world domination.

ChiTown Shakedown

These designers may know forward fashion, but do they know the difference between Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s? Amidst a globetrotting life of private shows and exclusive soirees, how ‘Chicago’ is the Chicago clothing designer? We’re serving humble pie to each interviewee in the form of our ChiTown Shakedown, a short question series at the end of each video where we discuss things only a local would know – plus, throw in a few surprise questions they couldn’t have possibly prepared for! All in all, I think we were the ones humbled cause these folks are truly about that ChiTown life.

Each Week A New Episode

Look to ChicagoingTV each Tuesday in May for a new episode in the series. Feel free to let me know what you think either by commenting on the blog or directly on Chicagoings’ YouTube channel!

As always, I want to thank you for the support and love!


– Kari

A very special thanks to ChiTown Fashionista, The Media Elixir, Gabriel Charles Tyler, and DJ Hash for making this amazing series possible!