Last night, I’m pretty sure someone tried to kill me with my own legs. The perp? Equinox gym and their #Lollaride cycling event in Bucktown.

Good Gym Gone (Spectacularly) Bad

If you haven’t noticed, Equinox gym is campaigning for a reputation as the most butt kicking, name taking, sweat wringing, heart-attack inducing gym in town. Its current campaign features chiseled bodied men and women streaking in the streets, biking in swimming pools, and soaking in ice baths all because “Equinox made [them] do it”. About a week ago, I got an email asking if I’d like to ride with these crazy people and I said yes, because apparently I’m a masochist now.

#LollarideWhat’s #Lollaride?

A dance club themed, invitation-only cycling class, held at a top secret location, helmed by two deejays and two super-hype(r) instructors designed to kill you just in time for Lollapalooza. Whew! It was… a lot.

The secret location ended up being 1st Ward inside of Chop Shop in Bucktown, which was awesome. It’s basically a modern event space located inside of a butcher shop and bar. Is your curiosity piqued? The private space is gaining momentum as a favorite for Chicago event promoters and day party organizers searching for the new thing in party planning.

DJs Matt Roan and Megan Taylor helped keep the tempo insane with music from Lollapalooza 2014 artists like Outkast and Kings of Leon.

The sweat fest ended with eats and cocktails inside of Chop Shop.

Image: Lows to Luxe

#Lollaride reminded me of how amazing spinning class was back when I was hooked in college. I’m determined to conquer it again. This morning my legs are sore but I felt a boost of endurance during my 5.5 mile run – like I could’ve ran another 3 miles when it was over. I didn’t, though. I’m a bum.

Are you guys cycling? Is there a specific gym or instructor who pushes you each week? Do tell! Share in the comments below.

Big thanks to Equinox Gym and the Windy City Bloggers Collective who sponsored my spot in #Lollaride 2014!