#MondayMotivation: The Best Spin Classes in Chicago

unbreakable kimmy schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you’ve ever tried a crash diet, you know it’s the absolute worst. It kills the spirit and morphs even the most level-headed gentleperson into Christian Bale – thin, beautiful, and inexplicably full of rage. Combine that with the fact that Chicago is basically every foodie’s paradise and you’ve got enough reason to never diet again, which is why it’s time to think about swimsuits. Yes, swimsuits. Fall is here and so are those lovely camouflaging layers but swimsuit season is only 7 months away and it’s never too early to start panicking.

My Plan: To counteract the cuddle weather consuetude of Netflix + Grubhub x Everyday = OH NO, NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT I’m upping my workout regimen this fall and winter. I’ve been a runner for years but the older I get the less running is enough to control weight gain. To see real results, I now have to incorporate regular routines of grueling strength training, the stuff no one ever wants to do unless their name is Hannah Bronfman. Life outside the comfort zone is scary but, fortunately, there’s help!

#WINNING w/ #SPINNING: Spinning is not a fad. As long as our society loves firm glutes and strong legs (hi, Serena) there will always be spinning classes and studios completely dedicated to indoor cycling. Of course, spinning is in no way an easy ride but it’s more than worth it!

Recently, SoulCycle was kind enough to host a group of 20 Chicagoings readers and friends to a free class. More on that later. Let’s just say, I’m still receiving threats by mail and dm. That mess was tough!

If you’re serious about cycling or have never even been on a bike, there’s a class in Chicago for you. Here’s a roundup of the best spin classes our city has to offer.

The Best Spin Classes in Chicago

the best spin classes in chicago
image: SoulCycle


Where: The Loop, 111 W. Wacker, 60601 and Old Town, 1225 N. Wells Street, 60610

Perfect for: Those easily distracted

Supermodels, celebrities, and everyday folk alike have raised this NYC transplant to cult status. What makes SoulCycle so unique is its young spirit, beat heavy playlists, and full body routines. Classes are conducted in dark rooms lit by candlelight, led by rockstars.

If, like me, you’re usually grasping desperately for motivation in the thick of a workout, try their famous Hip Hop Monday classes. Look out for instructors Naz and Ryan L.

the best spinning classes in chicago
image: Equinox

The Pursuit by Equinox

Where: The Gold Coast, 900 N. Michigan Avenue, 60611

Perfect for: Those who thrive on competition

Pursuit is a deeply engaging, high energy, game based class. It combines competitive challenges with real-time data. That means you can race any person in the room, join teams of riders, or take on the entire class as your progress and results are creatively illustrated on a giant screen for all to see. It’s designed to push riders to a new level of fitness and comes in two challenges:

The Pursuit: Build – All about endurance, increased strength, and stamina.

The Pursuit: Burn – All about burning as many calories as possible.

Look out for instructor Corey Jones.

the best spinning classes in chicago
image: FFC

Spinning Interval at FFC

Where: Various locations throughout Chicago

Perfect for: The serious cyclist

This is a very traditional cycling class but in no way is it boring. It’s the perfect format for serious training and integral to preparation for real world cycling competitions. Even if you aren’t a pro cyclist you’ll still appreciate the high intensity bursts and demanding drills that build the foundation for a strong, healthier, body.

Look out for instructor Bill Bower.


Have you tried any of these classes? Do you have a favorite that’s not on this list? Lemme know.