Winter Party Outfit: Hold the Freeze. Wear Some Sleeves.

what to wear to a winter party

Dress | AMMO Clock Strikes Midnight Dress in Champagne (Akira)

Booties | Jessica Simpson (similar)

Bag | Chanel (similar) (more affordable version by Rebecca Minkoff)

There was a time when I believed all party shoes had to be sandals and party dresses had to be sleeveless. I’d arrive to a function, crew in tow,  wearing a ginormous coat, atop a quilt-y cardigan, layered over a sweater, covering my sleeveless dress. By the time each layer made its way to coat-check, the punch was gone, and the DJ was on his final song. It took me 45 minutes to get all dressed up just to leave without a chance to crank that Superman. (YOOOOOU!)

Looking back on younger me, one thing’s for sure: I was so dumb. I was really dumb. For real.

Fulton Market District

what to wear to a winter party

winter party outfit

How to Dress for a Winter Party

First, it’s cold probably. So, do like Octavia Spencer and try to wear sleeves wherever you go.

Secondly, ever walk half a mile to the Aragon through 3 feet of snow in strappy heels? I have. It’s not fun. Consider covering your toes.

Thirdly, learn to layer in moderation. A feather trimmed blazer perhaps?

Lastly, head to Akira where so much glam is currently on sale.

what to wear to a winter party

what to wear to a winter party

Spain has Zara. The U.K. has Topshop. We have Akira. Chicago born and now with a thriving online store plus 18 brick and mortar locations, it’s one of my favorite boutiques and an easy answer to the question of what to wear, no matter where you’re wearing it.

What’s on sale at Akira:

  •  is currently running its “12 Days of Christmas” sale; a new sale each day through December 31st.
  • Aside from online discounts, there isn’t one congruent sale through all 18 stores, but each individual store hosts its own price cut. Call ahead for details. Find locations at

winter party outfit