The musical genius turned fashion genius turned awards show activist turned husband turned father turned…oh never mind, created a line in collaboration with Adidas for NYFW Fall 2015 and it sucks. Listen. has never professed to be a fashion blog°. We’re not*. We’re a Chicago city guide and, frankly, this article doesn’t even belong here but Kanye’s a cousin in the head for many Chicagoans and so here we are. What in the world is this?!

Adidas x Kanye West

adidas x kanye west

adidas x kanye west

adidas x kanye west

Would you buy this? If your answer is yes than I strongly suggest you consider the following:

The homeless and severely disadvantages are forced to wear clothes sometimes tattered and worn. Given the choice, they would rather wear new and neat clothing. You would choose to wear such clothing and pay an exorbitant fee for it to boot. You’re insane. This is not debatable.

Have I missed the “looking homeless is now chic” fashion memo? Please. Explain this.

If you’re totally down with what Kanye’s serving, click here.

° OK. Sometimes we do.
* OK. Sometimes we are.