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Who is Kari?

Kari is the founder and editor of Chicagoings.com. She’s also your friend and first point of contact here. Tell Kari a little about yourself, and she’ll collaborate with local businesses and insiders to create a custom experience just for you.


“Got a question regarding what to do or where to eat in Chicago? Write to us at AskUs@Chicagoings.com.” – Kari, ASK A LOCAL series for Chicagoings.com

When she’s not painting the town rose-gold with you, Kari works as a professional copywriter, photographer, and marketing specialist currently leading digital initiatives for luxury brands in the Chicago area. Internationally renowned companies trust her to complement their voice while breathing new life into their persona. Working with a team of passionate creators, she designs creative and graphics for both print and digital advertisements, writes engaging copy, and coordinates lively events throughout the Chicagoland area. Her unique creativity and dependable work ethic have proved to be her greatest allies for success, earning her an impressive list of clients and partners.

Kari’s lens and pen have been hired by companies such as Coach, Head & Shoulders, Groupon, Burt’s Bees, Perrier, Motorola, and more.


KIN Guides are Chicago Travel Guides by Chicagoings.com


How do I become “KIN”?

Family members receive extra perks like exclusive content, tours, guides, and even sometimes discounts at local restaurants and hotels! Don’t worry, no DNA test is necessary. To become a member of our family and receive premium itineraries and perks, simply purchase a KIN Guide.


What are KIN Guides?

KIN Guides are premium itineraries crafted to ensure you get the most out of your stay. Chicago KIN Guides are perfect for both tourists visiting Chicago and locals alike. Our popular international KIN Guides offer an intimate view of the most visited cities around the world! What to eat, where to sleep, what to do? We’ve got you covered! Enjoy an experience like no other with a KIN guide from Chicagoings.com.

KIN Guides use Instagram, an app you likely are already familiar with, to help you create an experience you’ll never forget!

Inside we divulge secrets closely kept by locals on where to go for the best of each neighborhood. Explore the second city for the first time, or for the seventieth time, like never before! Walk Paris like a Parisian! Sail through Portugal from its northern most point to its cave covered south!


About KIN Guides from Chicagoings.com


How to Get Your KIN Guide: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Purchase your KIN Guide from the Chicagoings.com shop.

Step 2: Immediately, you’ll receive your glorious KIN Guide.

Step 4: Open Instagram and follow the easy instructions in our guide. That’s it!

NOTE: Due to the perks or details offered within, KIN guides are limited and expected to sell quickly after publishing. Stay up to date by following our Instagram Stories and Twitter feed.


What Others are Saying …

“Kari is one of my favorite Chicago bloggers. She always has engaging content about Chicago events, fashion, and food on her blog, Chicagoings.com. One of her best skill sets is her email campaigns which are powered through MailChimp. There are very few emails that I look forward to, and her weekly newsletters are one of them!” – Amanda Elliot, Windy City Cosmo

“Kari is a talented writer with a passion for covering Chicago events. She is incredibly professional and easy to work with. We website is one of the best resources for all things Chicago.” – Kit Graham, Founder, Windy City Blogger Collective


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