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Beyoncé Sings the Lights Out in Chicago

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Beyoncé sings 'XO' in Chicago

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This is the first time…and something I’ll never forget. – Beyoncé to fans at the United Center Friday, December 13th.

With Beyoncé taking over the internet and quickly becoming the fastest selling artist on iTunes, I’m regretting seeing her show in Phoenix instead of Chicago. The crowd was SUPER hype Friday night at the United Center and Chicago is the place where Mrs. Carter decided to perform following her amazing Thursday night surprise.

Only a day after the release of her groundbreaking visual album, Beyoncé sang, call and response style, what is expected to be the first single off of her new album to a sold out reception. Chicago fans took their cues from the star but seemed already familiar with the new anthem, ‘XO’ from her self-titled 5th solo release. The moment is touching as everyone is on ’10!’ with excitement. Check it out below.

The costumes chosen for this performance were also firsts for the tour, a custom made Balmain black and white harlequin print short outfit and a custom embroidered, with Swarovski crystals, sequins, and metallic pearls short outfit by DSquared2:

Beyoncé sings 'XO' in Chicago

Beyoncé sings 'XO' in Chicago

Karyn’s Cooked restaurant (738 North Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654) kept Bey true to her 22 day vegan challenge. Here the singer poses with the restaurateur, Karyn Calabrese, herself. Sidenote: Karyn is 66 and looks amazing!!

Beyoncé sings 'XO' in Chicago

I can’t stop playing ‘XO’ and ‘Mine’. What’s your favorite song off of this new album? (comment below…)

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