Budding During Love Season: An interview with Carriage Flowers Co-Owner Christine Newell

Carriage Flowers

Carriage Flowers is an institution in Oak Park and with good reason. While larger shops are closing their doors, Carriage Flowers has been in the community for over 48 years. They contribute much of their success to client retention and personalized service.  We shared some time with manager and co-owner Christine Newell to inquire as to, well, how she does it.

Kari – Have you always had a passion for flowers?

Christine Newell – (laughs) I’ve always done really well with plants in my home, as all my family has. We got it from my grandmother.

Kari – How sweet! It’s all in the family for you guys. Where were you career wise prior to pursuing your dream?

Christine Newell – My mother had a marketing business for over 20 years. I was in human services. We moved from Iowa to Oak Park and just wanted to do something different.

Carriage Flowers

Kari – How did you become so successful?

Christine Newell – Carriage has a wonderful reputation in the community. People from all over come to Carriage for expert, quality design work and floral arrangements. We’ve worked hard to [live up to] our great name. Our staff is excellent! They really help to continue the great level of service Carriage is known for.

Kari – Any tips for others looking to have the same success as Carriage Flowers?

Christine Newell – Listen to your clients. Don’t be afraid to change with them.


Of course poinsettias are very popular this time of year but don’t forget to check out Carriage’s Bride on a Dime arrangements when planning your wedding. The cost may be economical but the arrangements are luxurious!


Visit Carriage Flowers in Oak Park at 124 N Marion Street
or online at www.carriageflowers.com