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Chicago Fashion Bloggers Team Up with Big Brands for an Insider’s Tour of the City

Chicago Fashion Bloggers Team Up with Big Brands for an Insider’s Tour of the City

A Guide to Chicago

Everyone loves to see their city shine on a national or international level. It’s why we still support Kanye West, saw The Dark Knight at least five times, and are anxiously awaiting yet another D. Rose comeback. Chicago’s fame is vaguely connected to our own. So when two of Chicago’s most inspiring fashion bloggers joined three of the nation’s most recognized brands for the sole purpose of showing off their area code, we couldn’t help but feel proud.

For their insider’s guide to Chicago’s “downtown life”, Nylon Magazine and Coach called on the aid of Jena Gambaccini (Chi City Fashion) for not one, but two exclusive features. In her series, Jena brings the fashion and the fun to her favorite spots around town. While wearing some of the cutest Coach shoes we’ve ever seen, she heads to Chicagoings’ favorites Girl and the Goat Diner and Lovely Bakery in Noble Square.

Drunk on Shoes blogger Shai Chung teamed up with everyone’s favorite online store Nasty Gal to detail the ins-and-outs of Logan Square. In a chic, sleeveless black turtleneck and distressed jeans combo, Shai keeps her cool while shooting pool at our fave area bar Emporium Arcade before grabbing some grub at Wasabi. Did we mention her to-die-for Jimmy Choos?

Read Jena’s series here for all of her favorite Chicago hidden gems.

Check out Shai’s article here for more great places to visit in Chicago’s Logan Square.

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